Aliens Captured On NASA Huygens Descent Imager - Titan Anomalies★★★

In January of 2005 the Huygens Probe landed on the surface of Titan, one of Saturn's moons after a 7 year journey.This movie was created with data collected by the Huygens Descent Imager, and depicts the view from Huygens during the last few hours of it's descent. The mission was a joint effort between NASA and The European Space Agency.
It was the first time the surface of Titan was seen in visible light. These are the only surface images ever takenof a body so far away from the sun.

As the probe plunges through the moon's hazy atmosphere and the strange alien landscape is revealed,an anomalous feature is seen. It's odd shape captures the eye. At first it seems as if it could be a cave, closer inspection however shows that it is a stand alone structure in what appears to be a clearing.

The moon's atmosphere is hazy and the imager is taking images in motion making it difficult to see.
The object gets closer and closer, we zoom in on it to explore further. Once we have a good visual we can clearly see that the object looks like a tent. A white tent with two beings standing outside of it to the right. We can see where the tent wrinkles away from the ground where they are standing on it.

They look like they could be alien grey's with large bulbous heads and long arms. There is a tall one
looking down on a smaller one. They even appear to be clothed, with the taller one wearing white and the small one wearing red. Perhaps the small one is a child. There are objects in the interior of the tent.

A tent on a grassy clearing. With two very human looking figures. Does life thrive throughout the universe? Has it taken a similar course on other planetary bodies within our solar system and elsewhere? Or have we never left earth?