Hessdalen Lights | Most Intensely Studied UFO Phenomena In History ✔️

Hessdalen Lights The Most Intensely Studied UFO Phenomena In History. Hessdalen, Norway a small valley which today has only a population of 120. This small valley is known for a strange phenomena call the Hessdalen lights.

Of unknown origin the mysterious Hessdalen lights are unexplained nocturnal lights observed over the 7.5 mile long valley in central Norway.

The mysterious lights are usually bright white, yellow or red and can appear both above and below the horizon. There are times that the lights move with incredible speed, some have been caught moving at speeds of up to 30,000 km and hour, there are other times that they just sway slowly back and forth, and sometimes they'll just hover in midair.

The Hessdalen lights have sparked one of the longest and most technically involved UFO investigations in the world. Scientific research of the unexplained lights has been ongoing since 1983. Started by UFO researcher Dr.Erling Strand  a project named "Project Hessdalen" did active field investigations between 1983 and 1985.

In 1998 they built an automated measurement station as well, that  included an impressive amout of technical gear. They maintain a website called Project Hessdalen to this day, which provides info on their research, photos and even live cam links.

Despite ongoing and intense research, no convincing explanation has been found for the lights thus far.