Mars Anomalies ◄ NASA Image Reveals Skeletal Horse Remains On Mars★★★

This image is amazing. It's the panoramic view From 'Rocknest' position of Curiosity Mars Rover.

It's a virtual hotspot of mars anomalies and this particular anomaly is incredible. What appear to be the

skeletal remains of a horse are visble. The image is very clear and detailed. The head, vertebrae, and

scattered pieces of bone can be seen. Is this an alien creature similar to a horse

that developed on Mars?

I'm sure where life exists on planets similar to Earth, the life forms that develop

would also be similar. Is it possible that NASA has taken this picture on Earth and

has not sent a rover to Mars? Possible. The fact that many NASA images seem to show signs

of tampering indicates that they are certainly trying to hide something.

While this image is very clear, even here you will see a blur in the far left

side of the image. So what is going on? If these images are taken on Mars

clearly there are signs of life and artificially made objects. As I said this

image is a virtual hotspot of them. I'll be going over them in separate videos

for an in depth look at everything.

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