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This NASA image shows some incredible and thought provoking Mars Anomalies. There are several buildings

that can be seen, a pathway or road system that is amazing in that it makes a turn that can only

be artificially made, what looks like a vehicle and most thought provoking of all possible footprints.

The footprints look like possible boot impressions. They are both pointed and heading in the same direction,

are similar in size and shape, and have similar qualities to human footprints as far as gait and a left and right

foot. The rear footprint appears slightly larger than the front one, but that could be because a small rock

which can be seen in the image, prevented the front of the boot from coming into full contact with the ground, thus

not leaving a full imprint as the front one did making it appear smaller. This image leads to so many questions.

Are those footprints?

Did NASA actually take this image on Mars?

What is really going on?