Mars Anomalies◄ Underground Entrance Ancient Sumerian Type Building Com...

A recent NASA image has revealed an underground entrance on Mars and a building complex that

is reminiscent of ancient Mesopotamian architecture. Similar to ancient Ubaid and Sumerian building

complexes the structure seen in this NASA image is fascinating. The underground entrance is

clearly visible, well constructed, uniform and symmetrical in every aspect clearly indicating

intelligent design. Obviously an artificial object, one has to wonder what it is used for. It's a short

distance from the building complex. Does it lead to the complex itself via an underground tunnel

system? Is it a completely separate construct? These Mars Anomalies are both fascinating and thought

provoking.The fact that many of the anomalies seen on Mars seem to echo earth's history, modern day

constructs and technology while others are completely alien and other-worldly is also very interesting

and something to wonder about.


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