Alien Object? The Mitchell - Hedges Crystal Skull ★★★

One of the most intriguing objects to ever

make an appearance.

The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull.

It was Found by Anna Mitchell-Hedges.

British adventurer and explorer, Frederick Mitchell-Hedges

and his party were looking for evidence of the lost civilization

of Atlantis.His daughter Anna claimed to have found it in

the ancient Mayan ruins of the lost city of Lubaantun.

This was found not to be true though.

It has been verified by documents

at the British museum ,which had bid against

Mitchell-Hedges that Mitchell-Hedges purchased the skull at an auction

at Sotheby's in London in 1943.

Legend has it that the skull was once one of

a set of thirteen.

The skull is an incredble piece and has

fascinated people since the moment of it's appearance.

It is the size of a real human skull and is highly

anatomically accurate, coming complete with a separate lower jaw-bone.

In fact it is so accurate that when a forensic expert performed

a forensic facial reconstruction over a replica of the skull, the resulting face had

female and European characteristics. It was hypothesized that the skull

was a replica of an actual human skull.

It's been examined by quite a few experts including the Smithsonian Institute,

National Geographic, and Hewlet Packard's crystal


Their findings:

They verified that both the skull

and the jaw piece were made from a single piece of quartz,

that has a highly unusual axis, called a tris-axis lattice,

that can only be formed in a zero gravity environment like

outer space.

No other quartz crystal sculpture approaches its quality; even the British

Museum's crystal skull, discovered in Mexico in 1889.

Hewlett Packard tested the Skull under high power microscopy.

In other testing the use of metal tools to make it was not found.

No evidence of faceting, or machining and no  tell-tale

scratch marks have been found,

except for traces of mechanical grinding on the teeth.

SEM micrographs revealed evidence that the crystal had been worked

with a high speed, hard metal rotary tool coated with a hard abrasive

such as diamond.

It is speculated that it was first chiseled into rough form, probably

using diamonds, and the finer shaping, grinding and polishing may

have been achieved through the use of sand over a period of 150 to 300 years.

Some experts assign its origin to various Central American civilizations

including the Aztecs, Mixtecs or the Olmecs. Some suggest it may have

come from Egypt, Tibet or China, and may have been roughed out as much

as 12,000 years ago.

There are many other-worldly and strange phenomena attributed

to the skull.

Anna stated that she was told by the few remaining Maya that the skull

was used by the high priest to will death. For this reason,

the artifact is sometimes referred to as "The Skull of Doom".

It has been said to have an allegedly constant temperature of 70 °F (21 °C)

Observers have reported that, for unknown reasons, the skull will change color

and emit sounds.

So who could have made it?

Is It a fraud?

Even in the 1940's when it surfaced it would have

been difficult to create this.

Zero gravity?

Who ever made it, it's an amazing and incredibly

sophisticated piece of art.