Cinder Block Wall Found In NASA Mars Images ★★★


This is a raw NASA image taken by the curiosity rover at Gale Crater on November 8th of 2016.
These are our objects of interest. In stark contrast to their surroundings they immediately grab our attention.
They are unlike anything else in the image. Differing in shape and color from everything else around them, they seem oddly out of place and unnatural. Upon zooming in we can see that they posses symmetry, clear straight edges, perfectly straight lines and perfect angles. They look like concrete blocks.
I've cleaned up the image a bit for a better visual. It certainly looks like they could be part of
a concrete wall such as those found on earth. The smaller piece looks like a section of two cinder blocks while the larger piece looks like a cinder block retaining wall with a tiled facade. Are these the remnants of a past or present civilization on Mars? On earth nature has created some cube like structures like those found at Giant's Causeway in Ireland, but they are never isolated pieces. They are usually made of the same material and many are found together. Nothing similar to what we see here in his image.