Footprint Found On Mars Matches Astronauts Footprint On The Moon | Mars...

Recently a NASA Mars image has surfaced that resembles a human footprint on Mars. What's incredible about it  though, is that the footprint is an almost exact match to the astronauts footsteps on the moon.

The similarities in the prints are so uncanny, they are beyond ignoring.  NASA itself called the image "Footprint" with the caption stating it evoked impressions of the first footsteps on Mars.

The image was taken by NASA's Spirit rover in February of 2004 at Gusev Crater and is available for viewing on their Mars As Art page. Another intriguing aspect of it all, is that the "print" does not really seem to match the tracks of the rover.

Looking at both images, the NASA image of the astronaut footprints on the moon, and the print on Mars one has to wonder what is going on.  How could these prints made so many years apart, on different planets, one made by a human and the other by a rover be so uncannily similar?

NASA has stated that they plan to send a manned mission to Mars, is it possible they have done a test run of sorts? Could this actually be an image of the first human footprint on Mars?

Or is there something else going on?